lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Let's go on holiday! #packinghacks

Good evening guys!
I'm going to go away for a few weeks! On holiday, finally! :)
I am superexcited, I'll be away with a few friends, touring around Italy (the northern part), so I'll see you (ok, write you) again after Sept. 18th :)

So, why am I writing this to you?
Well, you have to know I freakin' LOVE packing for holidays. Organizing is definitely my thing. Since I know it is quite a rare gift among people ( ;) ), I'll leave here just a few things you have to know about packing! Let's start!

1. The list: First thing's first, you have to write down all the stuff you'll have to put into your luggage. It'll be easier to organize everything without leaving anything out: that means no more fear when it's too late to add things in! (see: when you just sat on your plane/train/you are 2389150 kilometers away from home jet)
If you may like it, I'll write a sort of must-have list for men/women in another post, just let me know in the comments! ;)

2. Packing tight: You have to be very very very careful in putting your belongings into the luggage: every single space must be filled with something! Put the heaviest/bulky clothes first, on the bottom of your open luggage, then go on with the lighter ones and so on, layering them one above the other, in the "plainest" way possible. Eventually fill all the little spaces with socks and underwear :) On the top you can put your beauty-case and other non-clothing stuff, but only if it's not good to fill little spaces: in fact, flip flops are, for example, fabolous to put near the "walls" of your luggage, if there's some space left!

Wow, so..I was writing and it became SO late! I think I will continue writing hacks for you tomorrow ;) Have a stay and wait for the #secondpart incoming!

Thank you all, guys, see you very soon :)

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