martedì 25 agosto 2015

Let's cook: Nutella mug cake(s)! #snacktime

Good afternoon everyone! :)
How are you? :)
Today I was so sick of studying I decided to gift myself with a little sweet treat: the famous mug cake
It is very fast to make and bake, and you can do it without using the oven: life is sweet now, uh? ;)
As you know, I live in Nutella's homeland, so I decided to pay homage to it! Moreover, Nutella already contains lots of oil and sugar, this allows us to use very few ingredients.
If you want to try it yourself..let's get started!

 This is one of mine, not decorated ;)

This recipe is enough for two mugs, but you can easily halve it if you are making it all for yourself ;)
We need:
-2 standard mugs
-1 egg
-flour: 4 full tablespoons
-Nutella: 6 full  tablespoons
-baking powder: 5 grams
-milk: 4 tablespoons
-something to decor them ;) (powdered sugar, sugar confetti...)
Mix everything in a mug until it's all well blended, then pour some mixture in the other mug until they are equally full. Now leave them for a minute or two (maximum) in the microwave, decore it it while hot! (but not too hot ;) )

And that's the other I did with this recipe, for my brother ;)

Trust me, they may be not so "cute" to see, but way so good to eat! :D
A sweet hug :)

4 commenti:

  1. Hi there! :)

    Those cakes look delicious... and so easy to make! I've been going to make mug cakes for a while now, but somehow never got around to actually doing it. :O

    By the way, the background image of your blog is beautiful. Love it! :)

  2. Hi! :)
    Thank you!! The background image is taken from a template (I think it's called "Travel") you can choose when you open the blog, it was love at first sight!
    Mug cakes are simply fabulous, you can also try them by substituting Nutella with different types of chocolate, I did it by melting chocolate bars and adding them in the mixture...they all came out delicious! :)

    1. Oh, you can substitute chocolate for Nutella? That sounds good! Not that I don't like Nutella (of course I do ;) ) but if I don't happen to have any, I could just use chocolate. :)

    2. Yes indeed! :) The only thing is that you have to add not only melted chocolate, but also some butter or a little oil because Nutella contains them itself while a "standard" chocolate bar doesn't, and the cake requires some butter/oily stuff ;)