mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Let's go on holiday! #part 2 #packinghacks

Here I am, guys!

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to publish this second part yesterday, as I promised you.
But here we are now, and we can continue with our holiday hacks!

[Oh, if you missed it, here you can find the first part :)]

3. The right dimension: No, we are not only talking about that of the luggage, which you must check if you planned to take a plane! If you really want to pack carefully and wittily, your key word is small.
You must have heard about "travel sizes": well, it's time to go travel-shopping! Besides little packages of shampoos, body lotions, make up, shaving foams etc. in shops you can also look for travel-sized hair-driers (I actually have one, it's by Philips and I found very easy to put it into any luggage, even the fullest, because of its bendable handle and the very practical silky sack in which it is sold!), or hair curlier or straightener if you may need them. Another must have for you is microfiber bathrobe and towels: they take such a little space and dry superfast! Say goodbye to humid everything in your suitcase :)
More little the things, lower the weight, wider the space you have for clothes or souvenirs!

4. and last, How many of...: This point shall be connected with point 1, the list. In fact, all of us always face the same problem, when departing, especially if we're leaving for a not very well known place: how many T-shirts/trousers/sweatshirts/blouses/eccecc should we bring with us?
I always suggest bringing the less clothes possible (e.g. one T-shirt per day, one pair of trousers per 2 days, one sweatshirt per 2/3 days depending on the temperature of destination/season of the year, of course one underwear set per day etc...) so that you leave with some space in your luggage, just in case the weather at destination is quite different from what you expected and you can buy something while staying there...but it is all based on you. My advice here is: follow your normal habits when facing a weather similar to that of your destination, and pack consequently :)

Again, THANK YOU for being here and reading, I really hope this will help somebody!
Also, if you have ANY suggestion or would leave me any comment down it, I'll be the happiest girl alive :)

A big hug and..have a nice holiday! :)

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  1. Great holiday hacks, very useful! Thank you for sharing them.

    I hope you're having a wonderful holiday! :)

  2. Thank you! They are very simple but fundamental ;) I actually had a wonderful time touring around in my holidays, thanks! I came back today and just published some photos about it ;)