lunedì 28 settembre 2015

My personal Color Clutch! #DIYstuff

  Hi everyone! 

As promised, (sorry I'm a little late!) here I am with my first DIY: it isn’t perfectly finished but it was the best I succeeded in doing!

It is a remaking of the famous Color Clutch, the nail-polish container which occupies very little space and stores all your polishes in a very little space and upright, displaying all your colours at once! :)

...the semi-final result! (not                                                                                                                   decorated yet)

 You can find the original one, if you may want to buy it, here:

The idea of recreating it myself started when I found an old earphones box, which was perfect for making my own Color Clutch, since it had a transparent plastic side that allowed me to see what was in the box without opening it.
You can create your Color Clutch box by cutting away one side of a random box and substitute it with a transparent layer of your choice, for example with cling film!
Therefore, I went buying some foam rubber, in order to cut in it some little rectangular forms to put my nail polishes into, and, after taking some measurements…there it was! My Color Clutch was ready!

 Up here you can see the foam I cut my "rectangular" shapes...

All the measurements, and the number of nail polishes that will be included in the box, depend on the dimensions of your box and of polishes: for example, I had to layer two pieces of foam (which were, as my polishes, 3 centimetres thick) in order to fill up my box, which is 7 centimetres thick!

It isn’t perfectly cut, I know: I hadn’t cut any piece of foam before! I tried with some scissors and with a box cutter, but it is totally unprofessional ;) I’m sure you can do better, I only wanted it to work, and it does, even if it is not so beautiful to see ;)

You can also decorate the box as you want: since it can be easily put on a bookshelf, it may become a very singular design piece! I haven’t done it yet, so my photos show an incomplete work ;)

There it is! I hope you like it as much as I do, since it is SO much useful!

Hugs and kisses, 

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  1. That's a great idea!

    I've given you an award in my blog... if you're interested, just head over there and take a look. :)

    1. Hi!! I am very sorry, I was away from here for a while...the exams took me longer than I expected and I had some problems, but nothing too bad, I'm here safe and sound ;) Again, thank you for the award, I just answered to all your questions, they were very interesting! :)