martedì 20 ottobre 2015

I received an award! :D

Hi everyone!
First, I am going to say sorry for having been away for all this time. University strikes again! :(
Today I'm passing here and...what I find? My favourite blogger, Ulla Susimetsa, had just given me this award! I thank her a lot while recommending all of you to read her fabolous blog, "Wrestles with words"!!

Here is my prize!

 The award comes with some questions I have to answer to, so it is with great pleasure that I'm doing it!

1. What's your favourite book?
Well, it's hard to choose one...but I think my favourite book is "The Great Gatsby", by F.S.Fitzgerald. I really don't know why it fascinates me so much, maybe because I was in trouble with love the first time I read it...:)

2. Your favourite lyrics?
My favourite lyrics of all time are those of "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd. For various (obvious?) reasons.

3. If you could meet a historical figure (anyone!), who would that be?
Woah, that's hard! I think I'd met Alexander the Great, who, I think, had a great personality basing this thought on which he did apart from war. For quite the same reasons I'd really want to discuss with Socrates or Dante Alighieri. (...very different people, uh?)

4. Your favourite season?
I think it's Spring. Not too cold, nor too hot...and smells of rebirth, every single time! Even in my melancholic days I'd answer Autumn all the way.

5. What are you afraid of?
The dark. I am afraid of darkness, just like a child!

6. Your greatest strength?
My ability to pass through hard times without losing my mind.

7. Your biggest vice?
I can be an excellent liar, if I want to. (But that happens very few times, because most of all I am a kind person :) )

8. Would you want to live forever? Why/Why not?
Definitely not. I prefer living only once with the ones I love, then seeing all my loved ones dying in front of my eyes. I can't stand death!

9. What's your favourite word/expression?
"8/8 m8!" It's such a nerdy thing but I use it often while talking to with my brother (he taught me that) and my boyfriend, for expressing approval and rate things of all genre lol

10. The tastiest food you've ever eaten?
Definitely the Lasagna (I am Italian, so...) when my wonderful grandma made it, I think she added some secret ingredients! :)

11. If you were to invent a time machine, where would you go and why? (And what would you do and how long would you stay and who/what would you take with you and...)
Humm...I'd go back to the evening I celebrated my 18th birthday, the last I had with both my grandparents...and I would hug them more than I did then and never let them go, because I miss them like crazy. And I wish my boyfriend was there too, just to introduce him to my wonderful grandpa and granny, whom he was never able to meet.

So it is finished! :) I really wanted to pass the award on to some other bloggers with less than 200 members...but I don't know any! So, if you are reading it, and have all the requisites said above, feel free to accept this award and answer to the questions I wrote for you!

You just have to add the picture of the award to your post and mention the blog where you got it, and then you can pass the award to anyone (< 200 members!) you want to, creating some questions for them :)

My questions to you are:
1. What word describes you best?
2. What's your favourite music genre?
3. Do you prefer staying at home watching the rain from the window or go out and sing in the rain?
4. What is the book/movie you recognize yourself into? (Maybe you feel very similar to a character...)
5. Do you have a favourite food?
6. Do you read a lot? If yes, who's your favourite author?
7. Are you a sporty type?
8. Do you like reading/writing poetry?

If you are going to answer them be sure to leave a comment down here, so I can read and get to know you! :)
Thanks, and a big hug! :)

2 commenti:

  1. Wonderful answers! Well done! :) (And very interesting questions, too.)

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandparents. My mother passed away 13 years ago and I miss her so much. :( But we have beautiful memories, and though that doesn't actually change anything, it is a comfort.

    I think your greatest strength is a very important quality... I really like all your answers, and even though you said that number 3 was a hard one - excellent answer! :)

  2. Thank you! :) And yes, you are absolutely right about memories, they really help and mean a lot to me (as it is to everyone, I think ;) ) :)