venerdì 4 marzo 2016

Time flies!

Wait wait wait wait, it's MARCH?


Okay, let's set some goals for this 2016, here...

I have to find more time for myself. Just look at how many pages remain unwritten, here!

The truth is life is so full I can't even think about what to write on! There would be so many things to share with you...let's see...

I started reading again, and I'm so proud of it! Even though I live and study far from my family, which means, you know, tackling everyday life under every aspect, I'm trying to take some time and enjoy a few pages a day of my favourite authors, from Conrad to Fitzgerald and Hemingway, from Skakespeare to really feels amazing, brings me back to those endless summer holidays, at school, when I visited my little town's library twice a week in search of new material to devour...

I am also trying to stay closer to my family and friends, never easy, while studying a lot, but so rewarding!

Last but not least, I started dreaming again. I found I am really really in need of doing that, of seeing the light at the end of these infinite study sessions I have to tackle with :)

Hopefully I'll start creating things again, and share them with you!

A thousand hugs,

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  1. Hello, lovely to see that you're blogging again. :)

    I know; sometimes there's just so much to do that finding time to write can be a real challenge!

    Good to hear that you've found time for reading; I always try to do that, and if there is no time for proper, long reading sessions, I try to sneak in a page or two now and then. ;)